Problem with name resolving

Lyle Giese lyle at
Sat Jul 2 12:32:26 UTC 2011

On 07/02/11 04:48, Markus Feldmann wrote:
> Am 01.07.2011 22:43, schrieb Lyle Giese:
>> I don't know services that well. I don't know what they
>> support or do not support directly.
> I added two Hosts at "" and
> "" both would have the same IP, could this work?
> At the weekend my server is down.

Again, I am not 100% familar with dyndns's Terms of Services.  I do not 
know if you have a free or paid account with them, it matters in what 
TOS you fall under.

As long as dyndns has the correct ip address in their database and are 
willing to serve that data, yes you could reach your web services via and  You may have to 
adjust your virtual host settings accordingly, but that is outside the 
scope of this list.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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