secondary nameserver for subdomains and notify messages to itself

fddi fddi at
Fri Jul 8 15:10:26 UTC 2011

I have primary DNS server for TLD domain which is also a 
secondary  DNS server for many other subdomains like

this name server IP Address is 131.x.y.z  domain is ang his 
hostname is

he si serving as secondary the domains:

and so on...

in the log file I see that I have many notify messages from itself for 
the subdomains (domain1,domain2,domain3...)

for example for subdomain I have the following logs

Jul  8 16:56:29 server2 named[27607]: zone 
loaded serial 2003043171
Jul  8 16:56:31 server2 named[27607]: zone 
sending notifies (serial 2003043171)
Jul  8 16:56:35 server2 named[27607]: client 131.x.y.z#31030: received 
notify for zone ''
Jul  8 16:56:35 server2 named[27607]: zone 
refused notify from non-master: 131.x.y.z#31030

in named.conf I have

zone "" {
         type slave;
         file "for/";
         masters {

so it is correct to have log files with notifies from 192.a.b.c but 
anyway the DNS mail server keeps notifying itself
that he is not master for the subdomain... how to avoid these useless 
notification ?

thank you


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