Clients get DNS timeouts because ipv6 means more queries for each lookup

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Jul 13 06:13:08 UTC 2011

No.  The fix is to correct the nameservers.  They are not correctly
following the DNS protocol and everything else is a fall out from

> Well, all the prodding from people here prompted me to investigate 
> further exactly what's going on. The problem isn't what I thought it 
> was. It appears to be a bug in glibc, and I've filed a bug report and 
> found a workaround.

There is no bug in glibc.

> In a nutshell, the getaddrinfo function in glibc sends both A and AAAA 
> queries to the DNS server at the same time and then deals with the 
> responses as they come in. Unfortunately, if the responses to the two 
> queries come back in reverse order, /and/ the first one to come back is 
> a server failure, both of which are the case when you try to resolve 
> immediately after restarting your DNS server so nothing 
> is cached, the glibc code screws up and decides it didn't get back a 
> successful response even though it did.

There is *nothing* wrong with sending both queries at once.

> If you do the same lookup again, it works, because the CNAME that was 
> sent in response to the A query is cached, so both the A and AAAA 
> queries get back valid responses from the DNS server. And even if that 
> weren't the case, since the CNAME is cached it gets returned first, 
> since the server doesn't need to do a query to get it, whereas it does 
> need to do another query to get the AAAA record (which recall isn't 
> being cached because of the previously discussed FORMERR problem). It'll 
> keep working until the cached records time out, at which point it'll 
> happen again, and then be OK again until the records time out, etc.
> The workaround is to put "options single-request" in /etc/resolv.conf to 
> prevent the glibc innards from sending out both the A and AAAA queries 
> at the same time.
> FYI, here's the glibc bug I filed about this:
> Thank you for telling me I was full of it and making me dig deeper into 
> this until I located the actual cause of the issue. :-)
>    jik

Note your "fix" won't help clients that only ask for AAAA records
because it is the authoritative servers that are broken, not the
resolver library or the recursive server.

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