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You should try collectd ( and it's bind plugin 
( You can put the 
collected data to csv or RRD on the local server or send it over the 
network. With RRDtool you can make fancy graphs. With this cgi 
( you could easily visualize 
the data.


2011-07-13 16:43 keltezéssel, Karl Auer írta:
> We have some nameservers :-) that are used by quite a few thousands of
> people. Every now and then someone comes to us and complains that the
> DNS is responding slowly. Sometimes they are right, and we find the
> problem and fix it. But most of the time everything runs fine, and the
> DNS is not, in fact, responding slowly when that someone comes to
> complain. It turns out to be their PC, or a local network issue, or
> whatever.
> So we have a homegrown system in place that watches the traffic to and
> from the nameservers, matches queries to answers, ignores everything
> else, and notes how long it was between the question going past and the
> answer going past in the opposite direction. It writes summarised
> information second by second into a database so we can see exactly when
> problems with response times happen, how long they happen for, and how
> bad they are when they happen.
> Our system has two faults (well, two that we are actually concerned
> about): It only watches UDP, and it can't deal with fragmented packets.
> So I was wondering if there is a better solution out there?
> Regards, K.
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