Breaking up RFC 1918 reverse space

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Sun Jul 24 04:11:07 UTC 2011

On 7/23/2011 20:01, Laws, Peter C. wrote:
> We use 10/8 space extensively over multiple campuses.  We need to
> delegate at the 10/ essentially, the 10/16 level.  Is there a better
> way to do it than
> ...
> et cetera, ad nauseum and then putting in NS records as necessary?


(This is completely untested.)

Why can't you build your zone as follows:	IN	SOA	...	IN	NS	<bla>	IN	NS	<blabla>	IN	PTR	host-10-3-4-5.local.

(Glue records as appropriate.)

In other words, rather than creating each class A as a separate zone, 
why not put all of 10/8 in one zone and delegate just what you need / 
want to.

Granted if you wanted to you could split up the zones that stay local so 
that you don't have too many lines in the one big zone.

Just thinking out loud.

> I'm afraid of the answer since I fear I'm stuck with making 256 zones

This is untested, but I don't think there's any reason why what I'm 
suggesting wont work.  (I may need help from others with syntax.)

You /might/ want to slave the zones off of the delegated servers to 
offer a central place to get to all of the zones.

Grant. . . .

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