Breaking up RFC 1918 reverse space

Peter Laws plaws at
Mon Jul 25 21:53:52 UTC 2011

On 07/23/11 22:08, Karl Auer wrote:

> Maybe this is an overly naive approach, but can't you set up one zone
> for and delegate as necessary from that single zone file?
> Anything that you don't have an answer for will get NXDOMAIN, which is
> presumably what you want.

> So:
>     zone "10.IN-ADDR.ARPA" {
>             type master;
>             file "internal/db.10.rev";
>             allow-query { network_internal; };
>     };
> Then in the zone file internal/db.0.rev:
>     $ORIGIN
>     [...]
>     0 3600 IN NS ns00.mydomain.
>     1 3600 IN NS ns01.mydomain.
>     ... etc

I thought of that, too.  Were I delegating all slivers of the 10/8 space 
(it's actually 4 10/10 spaces), then I'd have done it long ago and not 
asked the question.  I'm more confused than that - read on.  :-)

What I think I didn't make clear in my first post was that I actually want 
to do two things:

1) I want to break 10/8 space into 4 10/10 zones (actual, independent zones).

2) Serve one resulting zone myself, delegate all of two others, then 
delegate parts of the last one.

So my initial question was incomplete.

I've read about $GENERATEing CNAME records for chunks and then delegating 
the chunks, for example


but done with $GENERATE and then actually delegating with	IN	NS	IN	NS

Where I'm confused (or have confused myself) is the part about wanting to 
actually break the zone up (I want to break it up for the usual reasons - 
size and limiting damage)

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