Forward only zones.

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Wed Jul 27 08:15:26 UTC 2011

>On 26.07.2011 00:48, Kevin Darcy wrote:
>>Correct. That's the distinction which is typically made between a 
>>DNS *forwarder* (which caches) and a DNS *proxy* (which doesn't). 
>>As far as I know, BIND cannot be configured to be a DNS proxy.

On 26.07.11 11:11, Vbvbrj wrote:
>But I don't want BIND as a proxy. )

If you want BIND not to cache, you want a proxy. However BIND can't do 
this now.

>>>Answers from its cache, that may be out of date.
>>This is tunable via the TTL values on the relevant RRsets. Consult 
>>the manual of your authoritative DNS server software, for details.
>TTL or expires must be lowered at microsoft DNS?

yes. TTL for records, expires only if oyou fetch zones. Note that 
microsoft's DNS servers are very bad at maintaining zones (especially 
those dynamically updated by clients)

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