Format of the IPv6 reversed zone

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Thu Jul 28 18:31:58 UTC 2011

Thanks Jay and Leonard for the pointers of IPv6 format.

Linh Khuu

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On Thu, 28 Jul 2011, Khuu, Linh   Contractor wrote:
> I'm new to IPv6 configuring in BIND. I need help. The forward zone is
> simple enough with AAAA record, but the reversed zone is a bit confusing to
> me.
> For example, I want to add a hostname of to
> 2001:1930:c00::2. This IPv6 address is /48.
> How can I add this IPv6 address in a reversed format?
> $ORIGIN IN SOA xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
> @ NS
> What should I put for the PTR???
> Is the reversed for IPv6 in the file or file???

It's in  The whole name for 2001:1930:c00::2 should be:

In your origin above you lost a "0" right of the "c".  The ":c00:" chunk is
actually ":0c00:", so the correct origin is:
in which the PTR RR would be:	IN	PTR

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