ns.il cname?

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 3 15:25:35 UTC 2011

On Jun 3 2011, Carl Byington wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>dig ns.il any +trace
>ns.il.                  86400   IN      CNAME   relay.huji.ac.il.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      ildns.huji.ac.il.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      ns-il.ripe.net.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      nse.ns.il.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      dns8.denic.de.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      nsd.ns.il.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      sns-pb.isc.org.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      lookup.iucc.ac.il.
>il.                     86400   IN      NS      nsb.ns.il.
>;; Received 354 bytes from in 44 ms
>With that cname, how are NS records like nse.ns.il supposed to work? Am
>I missing something, or is that just broken?

It's a CNAME, not a DNAME. The existence of the CNAME ns.il does not
affect the perfectly good A record for (e.g.) nse.ns.il in any way.

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1 at cam.ac.uk

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