BIND error: opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL

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Mon Jun 6 10:58:58 UTC 2011

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On Mon, Jun 06, 2011 at 02:33:21PM +0530, kshitij mali wrote:
> There are 2 more other domain giving same error below are the domain
> will u please help me out for above 2 domains also

There are thousands upon thousands of domains with broken DNS in one 
way or another. If anyone expects you to make domains work that you 
don't control, that person has unreasonable expectations, and will 
not be satisfied.

If you learn how to use the dig(1) tool, especially with +trace, you 
can identify DNS problems on your own. The Cricket book, _DNS and 
BIND_, might be a useful investment.

If you learn how to use the whois(1) tool, you can determine who is 
responsible for Internet domains and IP addresses. Note that whois 
isn't part of the BIND distribution, so questions about its use are 
offtopic here.

Mark threw you a fish for the other domain. I'm giving you a fishing 
net. Jump in there now and catch some fish!
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