BIND 9.7 Serial Number Decrease Problem

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Tue Jun 7 14:05:37 UTC 2011

On 07/06/11 13:51, Barry Finkel wrote:
> In my last posting I was confused as to the .jnl file.  I have
> about 44 AD slave files on my BIND servers, and 40 .jnl files.
> The two zones in question do not have .jnl files. As I do not
> look at .jnl files much, I had forgotten about the tool to
> list them.
> I now have this situation on one Solaris 10 slave; the problem
> probably also exists on the other Sol 10 slave and the two
> Ubuntu hardy slaves:
> The _tcp zone on the master MS DNS Server:
> 1238 600 86400 3600
> The _tcp zone on the BIND 9.7.3-P1 Solaris 10 server disk:
> 1239 ; serial

As Dan McDonald mentioned - the "AD integrated" DNS zones do not 
maintain a stable serial number, and in fact return a per-AD-controller 
SOA statement.

Are you sure that isn't the cause of your problem?

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