testing bind9

Eivind Olsen eivind at aminor.no
Thu Jun 9 22:55:27 UTC 2011

Gera 123 wrote:

[from dig...]

> elimparcial.com. 3832 IN A

[from nslookup...]

> *** No se puede econtrar el nombre de servidor para la direccion
> : non-existent domain
> *** los servidores predeterminados no estan disponibles
> Respuesta no autoritativa
> Servidor: UnKnown
> Address:
> Nombre: elimparcial.com
> Address:

You got the same answer back, in the end. The error message you got about non-existent domain is probably because you don't have a
reverse lookup zone for your internal subnet. It really isn't important,
even though nslookup tends to think it is.

In general, I'd recommend debugging/testing DNS lookups with a proper tool
like dig, and not nslookup which has a couple of snags which can easily
confuse more than it helps.

Eivind Olsen

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