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Wed Jun 15 12:28:39 UTC 2011

Good morning.
We sent the following email to the dns managers at this morning:

    Hi. We’re experiencing some issues with address record lookups for We’ve got a couple questions about how this address record is set up. 
Question : why does eftc as an address record in the zone file have a 30 second TTL? Seems … very … short. I think most nameservers won’t do less than a minute for an address record. Right?
Question : our check of whois indicates that and are the authoritative nameservers for A dig with a +trace for seems to indicate that they are indeed the auth nameservers. It’s interesting, though, that an lookup for query for NS records shows a non-authoritative answer of,,, and We’re unsure what’s going on with that.
    So we have a Microsoft set of DNS servers that seem to get confused J by this somehow. Not really clear to us what’s going on with it … but it’s sort of like there’s some negative caching going on for hfdns3, hfdns4, simns3 and simns4 … at some point … where these Microsoft DNS servers think those 4 servers are the authorities for the domain … and those auth nameserver names … can’t be found … resolved. Then for a period … until the Microsoft DNS servers have their cache cleared … they say … NOPE … no such servers out there. Can’t get to hfdns4, hfdns3, simns3 or simns4 at all … so we can’t resolve 
    Can you help us understand what’s going on?
So now ... just in case we don't hear back from the dns folks at ... I'm wondering if any of the experts on this mailing list can help us understand this?
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