How to Setup a Name Servers visible on Internet?

Lyle Giese lyle at
Sat Jun 18 00:31:50 UTC 2011

On 06/17/11 12:53, Metropolitan College <Eric Kom> wrote:
> On 17/06/2011 16:16, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hello Eric Kom,
>> are you sure, you want this:
>>> ns1     IN      A
>>> ns2     IN      A
>>> ns1     IN      A
>>> ns2     IN      A
> I use to run DNS on LAN without really care,  since I decided to run my
> own, I was thinking that add a private IPs going to resolve both side
> (LAN and Internet) that's why the private IPs are in the configs files.
>> This results in a round-robing and I would not get in 50% of  all  cases
>> the right domain.
>>> www     IN      A
>>> www     IN      A
>>> mail    IN      A
>>> backup  IN      A
> So please can I just removed the LAN IPs?
> It's Bind gonna resolve also for a local looking up if my connection is
> down?

Use Views.  Make an internal view and an external view and don't mix 
records of internal ip addresses with external ip addresses.  The 
machines outside of your LAN can not use the 10.0 info and those 
machines inside your LAN can not use your external ip addresses.

>>> How can someone reach your Web- and Mail-Server, if you have setup  them
>>> in a private network?
>>> ftp     IN      CNAME   www
>>> img     IN      CNAME   www
>>> *       IN      CNAME   www
>>> imap    IN      CNAME   mail
>>> pop     IN      CNAME   mail
>>> pop3    IN      CNAME   mail
>>> smtp    IN      CNAME   mail
>> Are you sure, this is working?  The "*" wildcard  will  even  catch  the
>> "imap", "pop", "pop3" and "smtp" hosts and redirect them to "www"
> I put the asterisk (*) in my config file just in case where if any
> subdomain none specified, bind must look up for www subdomain without
> complaint showing the error "server not found".

I think in this case your wildcard is adding an additional layer of 

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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