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Chris Thompson cet1 at
Sat Jun 18 22:23:37 UTC 2011

On Jun 18 2011, Michael Sinatra wrote:
>In theory, you can insert glue records anywhere above the zone in 
>question.  See RFC 2181, section 5.4.1.
>As an example, glue for the servers and 
> exist in the root zone.

For "fj", "hk", and "xn--j6w193g". These are examples of what some
of the BIND documentation calls "sibling glue".

Of course, at the root zone level, *all* NS records need either
"required glue" or "sibling glue", because every single one of them
is somewhere under the root zone.  At least, until the aliens contact
us and we get the Internet spliced into the Galactinet ..

Also, the "required glue" + "sibling glue" desideratum is not always
enough. Consider  NS  NS

and  NS  NS

Neither seems to to need glue in either "com" or "net", but without 
either the domains cannot be resolved. This was a significant issue
when VeriSign changed the way the * responded last

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