nameserver registration

Jorg W. jorgw at
Sun Jun 19 01:30:27 UTC 2011

2011/6/19 David Miller <dmiller at>:
> In the particular case of the OP - has name servers under
> To make lookups for records under, resolvers walk the tree from
> "." to "net." and get NS records - and
> You can't insert glue records into net. for name servers that exist under
> com., so now resolvers walk the tree from "." to "com." to get the name
> servers for which in the OP's case are - GoDaddy name servers.
> If there are no glue records in com. for and
>, then resolvers will just ask the authoritative name
> servers for (which in the OP's case are - GoDaddy name servers)
> for the A/AAAA records for and  If the
> GoDaddy name servers provide A/AAAA records for and
>, then resolution works and everyone is happy.
> Glue is only required if that is the only way to traverse the tree to get to
> the IP addresses for the name servers for a domain.

Thanks, that's what I wanted to know.

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