How to Setup a Name Servers visible on Internet?

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On 21/06/2011 11:59, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
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>> grep named /var/log/syslog on my master:
> Great, a message in a normal format (I stopped reading your HTML
> emails).
I'm sorry, I forgot that a terminal mail clients don't support HTMl,

>> zone NS '' has no
>> address records (A or AAAA)
> It's up to you to add these address records since it is your
> zone. Edit the zone file of and add the
> addresses. For instance:
> ns1   AAAA   2001:db8:cafe::1:53
This seeming to be IPv6 and I don't have a IPv6 connection!

This below is my zone file

$TTL 3H        IN      SOA     (
                                16              ; serial
                                8H              ; refresh
                                2H              ; retry
                                4W              ; expire
                                1D)             ; default_TTL
;        IN      NS        IN      NS
;        IN      MX      10
;        IN      TXT     "Metropolitan College
DNS Server."
;    IN      A    IN      A    IN      A   IN      A

ftp     IN      CNAME
img     IN      CNAME
*       IN      CNAME
imap    IN      CNAME
pop     IN      CNAME
pop3    IN      CNAME
smtp    IN      CNAME

>> Since i also introduce the Views, the slave doesn't want to update
>> automatically, I changed it manually!
> Views complicate everything and I don't think there is anymore a real
> use for them. I strongly suggest you don't use them.


But since I got the internal services to resolve, if I remove the
internal resolution, I won't solve request in the case if my internet is
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