How to Setup a Name Servers visible on Internet?

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Wed Jun 22 12:07:33 UTC 2011

On 21.06.11 12:26, Metropolitan College <Eric Kom> wrote:
>I'm sorry, I forgot that a terminal mail clients don't support HTMl,

They do. However HTML mail is hard to read and even harder to reply.
That's why I didn't read most of your former mails...

>This below is my zone file

I recommend you skipping the part (bind adds 
current ORIGIN to names not terminated by dot) and replace 
"" by "@".

That would make the file easier to read and less prone to errors (mistakes).

>$TTL 3H
>        IN      SOA


>     (

ns1	postmaster (

>                                16              ; serial
>                                8H              ; refresh
>                                2H              ; retry
>                                4W              ; expire
>                                1D)             ; default_TTL

>        IN      NS

... I hope these belong to one line, you can even skip the @ since you are still 
defining RRs for @

	IN	NS	ns1

>        IN      NS

	IN	NS	ns2

>        IN      MX      10

	IN	MX	10	mail

>        IN      TXT     "Metropolitan College
>DNS Server."
	IN	TXT	"Metropolitan College DNS Server."

>    IN      A

ns1	IN	A

>    IN      A

ns2	IN	A

... etc etc.

Since you clearly DO have A records for your NS'es, I guess the problem is 
in the zone in the internal view. Check that one.

>> Views complicate everything and I don't think there is anymore a real
>> use for them. I strongly suggest you don't use them.
>But since I got the internal services to resolve, if I remove the
>internal resolution, I won't solve request in the case if my internet is

you _can_ use views but note many of problems with bind come from bad 
understanding how views work.

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