Error when start named

Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Jun 27 00:10:10 UTC 2011

In message <3fc4fa8b99c43e359c0e5e13252339ce.squirrel at>, "Eiv
ind Olsen" writes:
> Rodrigo Faria Tavares wrote:
> > [root at centos ~]# grep 4 /etc/sysconfig/named
> > #OPTIONS ="-4"
> Looks like you have commented out that line. Remove the # character there,
> if you want to really disable IPv6 in BIND.
> Regards
> Eivind Olsen

The best solution is to ask your ISP for IPv6 and run it along side
IPv4.  IPv4 passed its "best before" date a long time ago and is
now becoming "stinky" as ISP's are are starting to be forced into
using CGNs.

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