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Thanks for the answer,
@ Andreas i made the test and i have the same performance as OS 64 bind 64.
NB: when i reach the maximum throughput i still have enough free RAM, free CPU, free NIC capacity. So the limit is in Bind. What to do to reach more capacity?
Test1: OS 64 bit, bind 64 bit ==> 50000 qps
Test2: OS 32 bit, bind 32 bit ==> 70000 qps
Test3: OS 64 bit, bind 32 bit ==> 50000 qps

Issam Harrathi.

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Subject: Re: better performance with 32 bit ! why?
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Zitat von Kevin Oberman <kob6558 at>:

> On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 7:32 AM, Ryan Novosielski <novosirj at> wrote:
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>> On 06/28/2011 12:30 PM, David Sparro wrote:
>>> On 6/28/2011 11:15 AM, iharrathi.ext at wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I'm testing the same version of bind 9.4-ESV-R4-P1 on two server, one is
>>>> a 32 bit (on which i have a redhat 32 bit) and the second a 64 bit
>>>> server on which i have a redhat 64 bit.
>>>> on the 32 bit i reach 70000 qps but on the 64 bit i only reach 50000 qps
>>>> (using resperf) and also with tcpreplay.
>>>> Is it normal that bind when compiled and installed on a 32 bit server
>>>> have better performance than bind when compiled and installed on a 64
>>>> bit server.
>>>> the only diff?rence between the two server is 64 bit vs 32 bit ( same
>>>> RAM, same Disk, same NIC,...) and CPU is better on the 64 bit (2 Intel
>>>> E5310 quad-core 1.6Ghz) than the 32 bit(2 Intel Xeon duad-core 2.33Ghz).
>>>> Thanks.
>>> The 32 bit rig is faster (2.33Ghz).
>> My understanding is that 64-bit is NOT faster in most cases, and only
>> makes some things possible (addressing large amounts of memory is one
>> stand-out) that are not possible with 32-bit. If bind is not going to be
>> using over 4GB of RAM by itself, my understanding is that running 64-bit
>> will merely add overhead. I realize that is a pretty big generalization,
>> so feel free to correct me if you know better.
> I'll take it a step farther. In my experience running  code in 64-bit
> mode is USUALLY slightly slower than running it in 32-bit mode on the
> same hardware. This is mostly because of the added data that must be
> moved for 64-bit operations. It also means the 64-bit binaries are
> larger, often by a significant amount.
> I recommend sticking with 32-bit systems unless you have a specific
> need for 64-bit capacity.

My recommendation would be use a 64Bit OS, but 32Bit applications as  
long as they don't need a large amount of memory. One should not  
install a 32Bit OS on a server today until it is a embeded device or  
something similar.




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