does authority named require the external name servers?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue May 3 18:31:20 UTC 2011

On 5/2/2011 9:50 PM, Jeff Pang wrote:
> 2011/5/3 Jeff Pang<jeffrpang at>:
>> 2011/5/3 Chris Thompson<cet1 at>:
>>> It will need to know the addresses of to
>>> send them NOTIFY packets when the zone is updated (unless that has
>>> been suppressed). But it gets those by (if necessary) recursive
>>> lookups based on its root hints (compiled in or otherwise), not
>>> by using the OS resolver.
>> Hi Chris,
>> That's what the real question I want to know.
>> For example, my DNS Servers have lots of domains hosting, all the
>> zones have the same NS RRs:
>> But is not authority resolved by my own nameservers.
>> So, I was asking when there is not correct entries in /etc/resolv.conf
>> if named will find the ns1 and correctly from the root
>> hint.
> And why I want to make sure it get the results from root hint, because
> when I update my NS record's values, I want to let BIND know it
> quickly, not effected by the old TTL.
If you want *everyone* to switch over to the new NS records quickly, at 
the expense of some query "churn", you need to lower the TTLs on the NS 
records prior to the change.

If you want just *your* BIND-based resolver(s) to switch over to the new 
NS records quickly, without all of the "churn" that's caused by lowering 
TTLs on NS records, then use "rndc flushname" right after the NS records 
have been updated on the authoritative nameservers.

Neither of these options have anything whatsoever to do with 
/etc/resolv.conf or hints files.

                                                 - Kevin

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