bind-9.8 for Slackware (was: ... for openSUSE / SLES)

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Wed May 4 18:26:57 UTC 2011

Slightly off the subject, and I hereby offer my apologies for 
hijacking the thread ...

I upgraded Slackwares with BIND 9.4 and 9.7 to 9.8.0, using a 
slightly-modified version of the official build script, which is 
located here (and at other mirror sites):
(the script itself is "bind.SlackBuild".)

With change of $VERSION and removal of the patch, this script seems 
fine to me (I'm running the resulting package in two locations.) But 
I had a couple of questions.

First, what about that SO_BSDCOMPAT patch? Is there any need for it? 
It seems harmless, is that right? (Keep in mind, this is for a 
GNU/Linux with recent 2.6.x kernels usually, although one of my 9.8.0 
packages is in fact running on a 2.4 kernel.)

Second, the NUMJOBS=-j7 runs make(1) with -j7, i.e., with 7 jobs in 
parallel. According to what I saw in the 9.8.0 source, this is not 
recommended: README:178: "Do not use a parallel 'make'." Should this 
be removed from the script? I left it in on the more recent machine,
but the old 2.4 machine didn't have enough CPU power for multiple 
jobs anyway, so it ran with a plain "make".

(The script falls back to plain "make" if the "make -j7" fails, of 
course. I don't know if mine did or not, because I didn't watch it, 
and now the evidence is gone.)
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