named crashed (mem.c:1099: INSIST(ctx->stats[i].gets == 0U) failed)

Evan Hunt each at
Fri May 6 00:32:01 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 01:07:24PM -0700, Fr34k wrote:
> Thanks Evan.
> Should the Community expect a BIND 9.7.3 train update/maintenance release
> which, among other things, addresses this mem.c issue?

There will be a 9.7.4 release fairly soon--the beta is in the pipeline
already.  9.8.1 will be in beta shortly as well.

Whether either of them includes a fix for this particular problem I can't say
for sure--you may have tripped over a bug that we already fixed, or maybe
not.  I would need to see the details of your configuration to say for
sure, which is why I asked for your conf file and the output of "named
-m record" if possible.

> Alternatively, I would entertain the idea of rolling out an
> update/maintenance release of 9.8 if such an animal may emerge soon.  I
> mention this in case this is relevant to any recommendations ISC may
> have.

I can't really make recommendations.  (I, of course, think 9.7.4 and 9.8.1
will both be perfect snowflakes of bug-free wonderfulness, but you might
not want to trust the opinion of the author on this point. ;) )

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