Looking For Some Help In Configuring BIND On Win32

James Carlock jcarlock1 at hotmail.com
Tue May 10 07:36:17 UTC 2011


I am looking for help in configuring BIND on Win32,
hosting multiple domains and subdomains for each
domain, as well as SMTP, POP3 and possibly some of
those NNTP servers in the near future. Once I get
the .conf files figured out for one simple domain,
I hope the rest falls into place.

I compile without any .NET installations.

The HTTP servers are currently up and running in
Apache2.2, and they are currently identified via
external DNS servers.

BIND is configured in the 32-bit registry and tries
starting via "net start" and "net stop" but the files
.conf files are not properly configured. Attempts in
the past to get BIND running have been only partially
successful a few years ago. I am willing to work my
way through it this time, and I am willing to also
document the details and provide extra documentation
for BIND.

Also, for the people in Japan, if we could take some
time and say a prayer for those people there. I do
not see a reply from Matsumoto after 20110223.

Thank you.

Jim Carlock

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