GSS-TSIG update policy identity field

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed May 11 11:17:29 UTC 2011

To match machines in the EXAMPLE.COM realm you would use one of these.

Windows uses the following sort of identity for machines


	grant EXAMPLE.COM ms-self * any;
	grant EXAMPLE.COM ms-subdomain * any;

Kerberos uses the following identities for machines

	host/machinename at EXAMPLE.COM

	grant EXAMPLE.COM krb5-self * any;
	grant EXAMPLE.COM krb5-subdomain * any;

{ms,krb5}-self allows updates of machinename
{ms,krb5}-subdomain allows updates of *.machinename

For ordinary users there isn't a mapping which turns user at REALM into

	grant user at realm subdomain example.test any.

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