GSS-TSIG update policy identity field

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Wed May 11 13:16:50 UTC 2011

Hello Mark,

thanx for your anwer.

Your first sentence maybe help me to understand why this is the client´s
credential that it needs in the rule:


So fist is the hostname then the slash makes the $-sign just to be a normal
letter and not variable for example, and the is the rest of how
windows uses the sort of identity.
machinename$@EXAMPLE.COM <>

Is it normal that I have to put in the Windows identity in the named.conf
and not the kerberus identity?

host/WS-YBCL150939 at EXAMPLE.COM.

What is host .....? I just know the principal as Service-Principal and there
its normally
for example: DNS/lxdns10t.prim-dns.test1.test at EXAMPLE.TEST

thanx a lot for all your help,

2011/5/11 Mark Andrews <marka at>

> To match machines in the EXAMPLE.COM realm you would use one of these.
> Windows uses the following sort of identity for machines
>        machinename$@EXAMPLE.COM
>        grant EXAMPLE.COM ms-self * any;
>        grant EXAMPLE.COM ms-subdomain * any;
> Kerberos uses the following identities for machines
>        host/machinename at EXAMPLE.COM
>        grant EXAMPLE.COM krb5-self * any;
>        grant EXAMPLE.COM krb5-subdomain * any;
> {ms,krb5}-self allows updates of machinename
> {ms,krb5}-subdomain allows updates of *.machinename
> For ordinary users there isn't a mapping which turns user at REALM into
> user.realm
>        grant user at realm subdomain example.test any.
> Mark
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