Once again.. :) Primary Server Name Change

CT groups at obsd.us
Fri May 13 00:39:52 UTC 2011

I accidentally borked the previous post..

Primary Name server
bind    - 9.7.3
OS    - CentOS 5.6

This may be an obvious question but I will ask anyway.. :)
I want to do a name change on the Primary for 2 zones using DNSSEC
- zone1
- zone2

- Old name - old.zone1.com
- New Name - new.zone2.com
- IP Address - no change

Changes that I am aware of :
- change at registrar - new name
- change soa in master zone files
- work with slaves to make sure named.conf are correct

Other than that are there any gotchas.. ??

I am wondering if I will have to "unsign" my zones
and the upload new keysets to the registrar.


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