BIND 9.4-ESV-R5b1 is now available

Evan Hunt each at
Fri May 13 15:17:52 UTC 2011

> Did I miss a notice? What issue(s) does this address?
> I can't find a way to see what this addresses without
> downloading the tarball.. 


The CHANGES file is at,
(and similarly for the other versions), so you don't have to download
the whole tarball.  In this case, changes since prior release ware:

	--- 9.4-ESV-R5b1 released ---

3095.	[bug]		Handle isolated reserved ports in the port range.
			[RT #23957]

3088.   [bug]           Remove bin/tests/system/logfileconfig/ns1/named.conf
                        and add in order to resolve changing
                        named.conf issue.  [RT #23687]

3071.	[bug]		has_nsec could be used unintialised in
			update.c:next_active. [RT #20256]

3067.	[bug]		ixfr-from-differences {master|slave}; failed to
			select the master/slave zones.  [RT #23580]

3065.	[bug]		RRSIG could have time stamps too far in the future.
			[RT #23356]

3064.	[bug]		powerpc: add sync instructions to the end of atomic
			operations. [RT #23469]

3058.   [bug]           Cause named to terminate at startup or rndc reconfig/
                        reload to fail, if a log file specified in the conf
                        file isn't a plain file. [RT #22771]

3051.	[bug]		NS records obsure DNAME records at the bottom of the
			zone if both are present. [RT #23035]

3041.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone failed to generate new signatures on
			ttl changes. [RT #23330]

3040.	[bug]		Named failed to validate insecure zones where a node
			with a CNAME existed between the trust anchor and the
			top of the zone. [RT #23338]

3037.	[doc]		Update COPYRIGHT to contain all the individual
			copyright notices that cover various parts.

3014.	[bug]		Fix the zonechecks system test to match expected
			behaviour for 9.4 and to fail on error. [RT #22905]

3009.	[bug]		clients-per-query code didn't work as expected with
			particular query patterns. [RT #22972]

3007.	[bug]		Named failed to preserve the case of domain names in
			rdata which is not compressible when writing master
			files.  [RT #22863]

2996.	[security]	Temporarily disable SO_ACCEPTFILTER support.
			[RT #22589]

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