Getting different name resolution for from masterand slave BIND

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Wed May 25 14:30:21 UTC 2011

Yes.   I verified this with our chief network engineer this morning.

Yesterday on doing dig (or @ns2 or @ns3 or @ns4) my
results for the master were always the same IPs indicated in my initial
post for the master whereas those from my slave were always the ones
indicated in that same post for the slave.   I should have mentioned

As noted in a reply to another email this morning it appears both
servers now get the same list of IPs (which is the list that only the
slave was getting yesterday).   Since we made no change I suspect this
had more to do with how Google's NS servers were handling things than
how we were querying.

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Lightner, Jeff wrote:

> The master is at and the slave is
> at

So, they leave your network in the same way, through the same router
Are they configured to use any forwarders? Stub-zones? Etc? Or do they
both talk directly out to the Internet?

Or, how about.. what do you get if you query the same Google nameserver
from both your hosts? Do you get the same results if you for example
query from with dig on both your nameservers, or do you then
get different answers? How about if you check from a single of your
nameservers, doing manual queries to all 4 Google nameservers (ns1 - 4)?
Same result from all 4, or different results?

Eivind Olsen

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