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> Can anyone have any idea as to how we can host our own autherative
> DNS server for my company. 

There is not much diference between the hosting of a DNS server and
the hosting of any other Internet server. Three possibilities:

1) You host it on your premises, connected through your normal IAP
(Internet Access Provider) and you deal with power, air conditioning,
system administration, etc. Maximum control, but may be a problem with
some IAP which, for instance, do not allocate you enough public IPv4
addresses (and still do not have IPv6).

2) You rent a virtual or physical server somewhere in the "cloud" and
you manage it. No longer power and air conditioning issues (someone
else's business) but you still have to do system administration. Many
companies have such a service for less than 30 US$/month (<>,
<>, <>,
<> and many, many others).

3) You subcontract everything to one of the many companies which
provide hosting of a service they manage. Less control, may be
questionable (you lose independance), works only for services for
which there is an offer (HTTP, of course, but DNS works also).

There is something specific to the DNS: you need at least two physical
POP. For solution 1), it may be a problem. Nevertheless, some DNS
providers allow you to have a master and provide you with a
slave. Talk to your IAP, registrar, etc.

> For example if my company domain is ", we want to
> maintain our own DNS server so that users across world should
> contact our DNS server for name resolution for ""
> domain.

This does not require that you have your own servers. My blog is
reachable by even if I don't have it on my
name servers (entirely hosted by a DNS provider).

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