Split DNS Configuration in BIND

babu dheen babudheen at yahoo.co.in
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Its very simple,
 If you know basic firewall concept, we will configure source NATing from public IP address to original website private address in firewall. So when any users from internet access my company website, they should obviously get public IP of my company website and once they get the IP address from DNS, it can contact the website using source NATing in firewall.
Here my concern is not with NATing or firewall. My basic requirement is how can i configure split DNS to maintain two different Ip address for a same website.

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On 05/29/2011 23:17, babu dheen wrote:
> We have DNS record called "mail.company.com" which is hosted in internal
> company LAN network. When any users try to access mail.company.com in
> browser, they will get private IP address and immediately they will get
> mail.company.com website home page whereas if any of my company users
> try to access the mail.company.com website from internet(outside
> company), they should get public IP address which should be pointed to
> mail.company.com website.

It's not clear to me from this description why you need 2 different IP addresses for the same resource.

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