Split DNS Configuration in BIND

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Robert you are great. You got it when i required. Thanks for sharing the informatino. Will go through it and update all.
Keep it up.

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>  Its very simple,
>   If you know basic firewall concept, we will configure source NATing from
> public IP address to original website private address in firewall. So when
> any users from internet access my company website, they should obviously
> get public IP of my company website and once they get the IP address from
> DNS, it can contact the website using source NATing in firewall. 
>  Here my concern is not with NATing or firewall. My basic requirement is
> how can i configure split DNS to maintain two different Ip address for a
> same website. 

I think you are getting your terminology mixed up here.

Split DNS is when you have 2 DNS servers, one internal and the other external.  
Internal server serves the clients internally and the External services the 
people on the Internet.  This setup is very easy as both server hold the same 
records with the proper ip addresses.

The other would be VIEWS.  This is when you have a single DNS server serving 
both internal and external requests but you want to supply different ip 
address for the same host name depending on where the request is coming from.

If you are thinking/talking VIEWS then give this website a look:




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