DNSSEC and forward zones

Lyle Giese lyle at lcrcomputer.net
Tue Nov 1 18:24:41 UTC 2011

On 11/1/2011 11:23 AM, Phil Mayers wrote:
> On 01/11/11 16:14, Vinny_Abello at Dell.com wrote:
>> resolution fail since NXDOMAIN is the valid answer... done, end of
>> story. I thought the forwarder type would bypass this but apparently
>> I am wrong. Is there some other way to handle this for non-existent
>> domains just for testing purposes?
> Don't do this. Use a domain you own, and can put a valid (insecure)
> delegation into.
> It might be possible with "type static-stub" in bind 9.8, but I don't
> think so; I think it'll have the same effect.

A work-around (and it has some side effects and could be undesirable, 
just be aware of the side effects of doing this) is to declare .internal 
as a master zone in your DNS servers and then delegate 
policydomain.internal to your Windows AD servers in your .internal zone.

I am not saying this is a perfect answer, but it worked for me in a 
similar situation.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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