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Gaurav Kansal gaurav.kansal at nic.in
Thu Nov 3 13:49:07 UTC 2011

Dear Karl,
First of all thanks for prompt reply.

I think I didn't explain myself clearly. I have a website which is already running on ipv6 and I want to access the same from ipv4 network.

Instant6.com provide the functionality to make a website accessible from ipv6 network which is only on ipv4 internet. But I need the reverse one.

I already have my website running on  ipv6 and wanna to make it accessible to ipv4 only network users.

Thanks and Regards,
Gaurav Kansal

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On Thu, 2011-11-03 at 16:15 +0530, Gaurav Kansal wrote:
> Is there any functionality available for accessing IPv6 internet from 
> IPv4 only host??????
> [...]
> I have a website ipv6.nkn.in running on ipv6.
> Now I want to access this website from ipv4 machine. For this, I need 
> DNS Translation. Is this is possible?????


Regards, K.

PS: I have an interest in this service.

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