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Jim Pazarena bind at
Fri Nov 4 06:11:14 UTC 2011

Chris Buxton wrote, On 2011-11-03 10:57 PM:
> Everything is working as it should. Your servers (I'm guessing they're your servers) are responding authoritatively for the rewritten PTR record name. You're seeing a non-authoritative response because you're asking for the canonical PTR record name, for which your server is not authoritative (Telus' servers are). But the final part of the answer, from your zone '', is authoritative.
> I'm making the assumption that and are yours.
> Regards,
> Chris Buxton
> BlueCat Networks

yup, they're all mine.

but that non-auth kinda bugs me, because for my 'full' /24 subnets,
that never happens. And it's delegated from the same Telco (Telus)

look at which cleanly resolves back and forth

> On Nov 3, 2011, at 10:42 PM, Jim Pazarena wrote:
>> I've got a fractional subnet (.240)
>> To which my reverse always responds, but claims to be non-authoritative.
>> Then it points AT MY DNS to be authoritative.
>> I am unsure, but think it has something to do with way I have described
>> my file.
>> Would someone please offer suggestion as to the non-auth response
>> for: which is ?
>> Thanks!
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