[META] Usenet/bind-users cross-posting is back

Dan Mahoney dmahoney at isc.org
Thu Nov 3 02:40:13 UTC 2011


For much of the history of bind-users, there was a two-way crosslink 
between bind-users and usenet's comp.protocols.dns.bind.

This access went away when ISC transitioned to mailman for our mailing 
list management.  (At the same time, ISC was decomissioning its usenet 
server as well).

I'm happy to announce that as of today, with some help from Russ Alberry 
and the fine people at Stanford University, we've restored this 

(Note: we are working on re-adding search functionality for all of ISC's 
mailing lists to the archives on our site -- the htdig patchset for 
mailman stopped working in a recent version of mailman and we have to 
re-integrate a different search engine).


Dan Mahoney
ISC Operations Team

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