Re: Securing zone transfer and DDNS

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Mon Nov 7 23:04:26 UTC 2011

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> Dnia 7 listopada 2011 17:29 Michael Graff <mgraff at> napisał(a):
> > Are you saying you cannot compile from source, or that you must use the 
> vendor supplied version of bind?
> I have tried to compile version 9.8.1 but make exited with some errors. I 
> have compiled version 9.7.4. The version of BIND supplied with this 
> version of OS X (10.4.11) is 9.4.x. I'm using Xcode tools 2.5 (gcc 3.3 
> and 4.0) supplied with Tiger.

Please send a full transcript of the compile of 9.8.1 to bind9-bugs at
Tiger is getting long in the tooth now but named should still compile on it
however we don't have version of MacOS that old to do test builds on anymore.

As for your zone transfer problem.  Specify the key to use in the masters clause.

	masters { key xferkey; };

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