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Responses in-line.

On 8 November 2011 14:57, trm asn <trm.nagios at> wrote:

> Dear List,
> Please help me out to investigate the below scenario .
> I have one domain ""
> $TTL 300
> @       IN      SOA (

The @ above says to use $ORIGIN, which by default is set to  the name
specified to the name statement in 'named.conf'.  It would be helpful to
provide that file and the version of bind your using (named -v).

>   2011110806      ; Serial Number

Trust serial number is being incremented after each change and before each
'rndc reload'.

>                                 10800           ; Refresh after 3 hours
>                                 3600            ; Retry after 1 hour
>                                 604800          ; Expire after 1 week
>                                 300 )         ; Minimum TTL of 1 day

> ; Name servers
>         IN      NS
>         IN      NS
>         IN      NS
>         IN    A
>         IN    MX

All records above have been for "".  There are three advertised
nameservers, one of which is the same as in the SOA.  But note none of them
have been given an address record.  How is a server to contact them?  How
is this one to notify them?

www        IN    CNAME
> a        IN    A
> b        IN    A
> *test    IN    NS
> test    IN    NS*

Test is sub-domain delegated to two external hosts.  As their domain names
are different the address for those should not be list in this zone file;
indeed they are not.

> named-checkzone < No Error
> The moment I have done the "rndc reload", the domain and all
> subdomain were became not resolvable.
> After commenting out below entries & rndc reload , all back to normal.
> *;test    IN    NS
> ;test    IN    NS*
> Please help me out on this issue.
I wonder if the server is wondering how its going to contact those other
name servers to tell them the changes.  But then why does changing it back,
removing the child delegation then work?

I'd like to see your dig query and response before and afterwards, but
first you might want to help yourself by running named in the foreground
with debugging enabled to see what's happening when you start your server,
query it, reload the zone and query it again.  Run 'named -g -d 3' for
starters and see what that gives you.


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