Bind does not reply with "no such name" to A query

Michael Graff mgraff at
Wed Nov 9 16:17:15 UTC 2011

NXDOMAIN means the name does not exist.  NODATA means the name exists but the type does not.  NXDOMAIN will never be returned for either name as they both exist.

On Nov 9, 2011, at 3:34, "Beisiegel, Sven" <sven.beisiegel at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I tried to find a solution to this using Google, but I failed… I’m wondering if this is expected behavior of bind9 or if this is configurable…
> I have a domain configured and my server is the authoritative name server for this domain.
> My server is reachable via IPv4 and IPv6 address.
> 2 records are configured like this:
> dls-koe.gvs.local.                 2h     A
> dls-koe-v6.gvs.local.              2h     AAAA   2001:4dd0:f9c0:100::251
> I have clients that are running with IPv4 and IPv6 address at the same time and are configured with one of the FQDNs above. When the client is sending a query for one of the names, it directly sends an A and AAAA query.
> Now for example: The client sends an A query for “dls-koe-v6.gvs.local”, which is only configured as AAAA record in the server. I now would expect the server to reply with “no such name”, but it doesn’t.
> Other example: The client sends an AAAA query for “dls-koe.gvs.local”, which is only configured as A record in the server. Same result.
> My question is: Why is bind not replying with “no such name” in this case? Is this expected behavior? Maybe a configuration issue?
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Sven
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