Using IPv6/IPv4 tunnels to send queries to a DNS server

Gaurav Kansal gaurav.kansal at
Thu Nov 10 07:10:45 UTC 2011

Ya. It is totally valid.
In fact we have tested the same in our organization for giving internet
connectivity to ipv6 islands.

What tunnel do is, it basically encapsulate the ipv6 packet in ipv4 header.
So a packet reach its destination,( i.e, tunnel destination), transparently.
And at the destination point, ipv4 header is removed and packet is forwarded
as per its ipv6 destination.
No issue as at all except slowness in opening some website due to the MTU
size of the tunnels. So keep in mind the MTU size of your tunnel AND fine
tune it for smooth browsing.

Thanks and Regards,
Gaurav Kansal

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Subject: Using IPv6/IPv4 tunnels to send queries to a DNS server

This is not strictly a BIND related question, but thought someone here
probably knew the answer.

Is it valid to use IPv6/IPv4 tunnels to send DNS queries to a DNS server.

Does anyone know what the standards (RFCs) say about this?

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