about the A and PTR for sending mail

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>> While there is no RFC requirement that they match is there any reason
>> not to make them match (the above records don't match) given that is
>> the intent of the IN-ADDR.ARPA namespace?

On 11.11.11 23:46, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:

>Ideally I would agree, but there are some passable operational reasons 
> for this to happen, and there are also some good operational ones as 
> we enter IPv6-land.

well, I don't know any now...

>Instead, I agree with another poster who suggested a mismatch or 
> absence of this data in the DNS is good input to a scoring system, 
> but not good grounds for outright rejection.

That's highly depentent on the receiver system, and its policy. It's 
really useless to comply about it here. 

The point here is that the reverse records were simply invalid without 
any reason.
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