Can't compile bind 9.8.1-P1 on Solaris

Evan Hunt each at
Thu Nov 17 01:30:55 UTC 2011

> I get an error compiling Bind at:
> make[4]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/bind-9.8.1-P1/bin/tests/system/dlzexternal'
> ld -G -z text -o driver.o
> ld: invalid number `-z'
> Giving ?G a number makes ?z unrecognized.
> I'm in Solaris 10, Sparc, GCC 3.4.6

Thanks for the report.  We didn't touch that code in the security
patch, so this bug must have also been in 9.8.1; we'll try to address
it in 9.8.2.

That isn't critical code; it's just one of the system tests.
Just "touch bin/tests/system/dlzexternal/driver.o" and then
run "make" again.  The dlzexternal system test will fail
when you run "make check", but otherwise your server will
be fine.

In general, issues like this are best sent to the bind9-bugs at
alias, which opens a ticket in our bug database.   I'll do so now.

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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