Puzzeling about IPv6

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Hi, Michelle. Best practice is to choose your 64-bit interface identifiers randomly, for example 7492:4f89:d821:cf19. Your complete IPv6 address would then be 2a01:4f8:d12:1300:7492:4f89:d821:cf19. When you generate your own random IIDs, mask them with FCFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF to clear the universal and group bits. Or if you just want to choose a simple address for testing, you could use 2a01:4f8:d12:1300::2.

On Debian, in /etc/network/interfaces configure the above sample address as:
iface eth0 inet6 static
	address 2a01:4f8:d12:1300:7492:4f89:d821:cf19
	netmask 64
	gateway 2a01:4f8:d12:1300::1

In /etc/resolv.conf, place IPv6 addresses of DNS servers if you have those.

In /etc/bind/named.conf.options, you will need to include:
options {
        listen-on-v6 { any; };

Regards, Jeff.

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Hello *,

my ISP <http://www.hetzner.de/> is now offering an IPv6 /64  subnet  for free for each Server.  Not only Root-Servers but for realy ALL!

OK, however, I like to setup my VHosts to use  it,  but  I  am  puzzling around how to do this with bind9  (I run Debian)

I have gotten this:

IPs:     2a01:4f8:d12:1300:: /64
Gateway: 2a01:4f8:d12:1300::1 /64
Verwendbare IP-Adressen:
2a01:4f8:d12:1300::2 bis 2a01:4f8:d12:1300:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

sounds very much!

Question: How should I choose the IPs?

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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