Bind 9.9.0B1 Inline-Signing Question

Evan Hunt each at
Thu Nov 17 19:14:52 UTC 2011

> Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, it seems that the journal file
> isn't getting updated when we manually edit/increment the static zone
> file. The time/date stamps are off - both and
> show Nov 16 while the static zone file
> modified today shows as Nov 17.

Okay, it's definitely fallen out of sync.

> Would running it in a chroot jail have any impact on it?

Not that I know of.

> You mentioned using the rndc reload in a previous post so I have been
> using that since you mentioned it. Even stopped using kill or named stop
> - have only used rndc stop to stop the service.

"rndc stop" would have the same effect as a kill, in this case... but
if you've consistently used "rndc reload" every time you updated the
zone file, then it should be working.  If you forgot even once, though,
then your server would get into this unrecoverable state.  So my guess
is, either that's what happened, or else there's some other bug that I
haven't previously encountered.  I should have time to take a closer
look at this next week.

Thank you, by the way, for testing the code.  If you'd like to get this
issue into our ticketing system, send mail to bind9-bugs at

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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