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Thu Nov 17 20:04:00 UTC 2011

On 11/17/11 3:58 AM, "Gaurav Kansal" <gaurav.kansal at> wrote:
> Can you please explain What is the meaning of "INVALID RECORD"?????

I think doing so in overly verbose terms just helps script kiddies while
parts of the community schedule upgrades...  It can be best not to rush this
type of detail.

Granted, "determined attackers" have the code and already know...  So get
the upgrades done sooner than later.  I'm sure full details will be
chatted/blogged about much in coming weeks for the truly curious.

I'm personally waiting for the CVE to become something more than "reserved"
-- until that is at least updated, folks are likely busy with investigation
and mitigation.  From ISC's own advisory:

"ISC is working on determining the ultimate cause by which a record with
this particular inconsistency is cached. At this time we are making
available a patch which makes named recover gracefully from the
inconsistency, preventing the abnormal exit."

I think we'll know more when it's safe to share.  :-)

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