make bind-9.7.4-P1 fails when --prefix and --exec-prefix switches are used

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Nov 17 21:36:30 UTC 2011

You need to fix your gcc wrapper as it is not handling command line
arguments that contain spaces.  This is a common error when people
write shell script wrappers.  They fail to account for arguments
with spaces.


In message <CAHu+3Ox-RfgnwjopO_ebb48Da=MYyBdgh+q93=SMy+-vL6ua_Q at>, Red Cricket writes:
> gcc.orig: '--prefix=/users/rcricket/BIND_INSTALL_DIR': No such file or directory
> gcc.orig: '--exec-prefix=/users/rcricket/BIND_INSTALL_DIR'": No such
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