Not able to resolve a domain

King, Harold Clyde (Hal) hck at
Fri Nov 18 16:09:54 UTC 2011

Never mind it's blocked on the IP level. Sorry to bring up stuff on a busy

Thanks for all the help folks!

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On 11/18/11 10:49 AM, "/dev/rob0" <rob0 at> wrote:

>On Friday 18 November 2011 09:19:18 King, Harold Clyde (Hal) wrote:
>> I have found that does not resolve on our DNS
>> servers. Google DNS works fine.
>Looks fine from here.
>> According to the top
>> level domain "com" is w. I do not see a "w" server. I have the
>> most recent named.root file from June. What have I done wrong?
>I don't know what that means. IWFM using both normal recursion and
>	1800	IN	A
>		1800	IN	NS
>	1800	IN	A
>I'll toss out a couple of WAGs at no extra charge!
>1. When was 1/8 allocated, recently? Maybe you need to update your
>   bogon filter?
>2. It's Korean, are you blocking APNIC space?
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