RPZ configuration examples

babu dheen babudheen at yahoo.co.in
Sat Nov 19 05:23:27 UTC 2011

We are new to BIND and would like to implement RPZ in BIND. I have a following queries with respect to RPZ in BIND. 
Please help me on this. 
1. Do you have  basic example/steps to configure RPZ in Bind? ( I need couple of examples like /etc/named.conf file and zone files for rpz 2. If I use RPZ, recursive DNS will contact remote RBL database for every DNS query? 
3. Is it possible to download DNS RBLs locally on the DNS server automatically daily and then allow RPZ query locally to give malware domain lookup response? 
 If you can help on this, it will be very much helpful to understand and implement RPZ in our enterprise. 
Papdheen M 
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