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Wonderful update. Really thanks for the details provided. Can you give me additional details as below
 I gone through link http://jpmens.net/2011/04/26/how-to-configure-your-bind-resolvers-to-lie-using-response-policy-zones-rpz/ and got to know that we need to configure one common zone to redirect all malware domain lookup to walled garden IP address and also we need to configure 'response-policy' in /etc/named.conf file.
1. How frequently DNS server will download the malware domain database
2. From where DNS server downloads the malware domains .. is it from SURBL webiste?
3. How to whitelist list of official/customer domains from RPZ query so that in case customer domain is listed in RPZ , business will not be affected?

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> this is an example:

If the OP reads french, I suggest that
<http://www.bortzmeyer.org/rpz-faire-mentir-resolveur-dns.html> is
much more detailed.

If, however, he prefers english, I would point him towards 
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