DNSSEC bug down issue, "Servers Unreachable"

Eduardo Bonsi beartcom at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 22 05:45:52 UTC 2011

I have checked my domain against


and I am getting that everything is ok.

I have signed the domain bonsi.org with dnssec key and entered the key 
at the https://dlv.isc.org for validation. In addition I also entered 
the dlv.bonsi.org. at the parent.

On dlv.isc.org I am getting "Servers Unreachable"

Servers Unreachable
Severity: failure
Summary: One or more servers could not be reached.
When checking the status of a domain, one or more servers did not 
respond or did not respond correctly. If this is the initial check, all 
servers are requried to respond. For later checks, which simply ensure 
the DNSKEY is still present, at least one server must respond. Check to 
make certain the name servers for this zone respond over both TCP and UDP.

If the servers were to be Unreachable I think I wouldn't be able to 
serve the domain "bonsi.org" and that is not the case.

What could be the problem?


Eduardo Bonsi
System - Network Admin
beartcom at pacbell.net
webmaster at beart.com

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